Fee & Payments

Three Easy Payments
Convenient Payment Schedule

Total Project Fee determined and agreed upon prior to beginning project.  All custom projects differ in size and scope. Rivera Branding provides a client with an estimated Project Completion Date consisting of “Weeks”.

For example, Logo Projects are typically a 4-Week process. Payment 1 would begin a project. Payment 2 would be due at the beginning of Week 3. Payment 3 is due at Project Completion.

Project Delays, Delinquent Payments & Failure to Pay

$50 Per Day Late Fee

Rivera Branding operates on the ‘Honor System’. Rivera Branding provides clients a Project Timeline Estimated Schedule. All custom projects have different time schedules dependent on overall project size.

The Project Timeline will determine proper Payment Schedule. Failure to pay on assigned/agreed-upon Payment Schedule Day will result in a $50/Day Late Fee(s) for every day the payment is not submitted.

Rivera Branding issues timely Feedback Requests to Complete Project. If project is excessively delayed due to client non-participation or non-communication in and for Project Completion, Rivera Branding reserves the right to issue a $50/Day Late Fee(s) for every day project completion is delayed due to Client Non-Feedback.

Why Choose
Rivera Branding?
Reduce Costly Miscommunication

From start-to-finish, clients communicate directly with me. I don’t outsource my work. The bigger the team (from client or design team), the more opinions. Often, original ideas can dilute their way down to a designer increasing the chance of wasted effort, missed deadlines and added fees.

The Wow Factor

I like to brainstorm as many ideas as possible before presenting my first samples. There are times I work through the night to meet important deadlines. There’s always two responses: 1. “Okay, I really like that, but…” and 2. “WOW, WE LOVE IT!” My work is never complete until I get the “Wow!”

US Hispanic Market Specialist

The US Hispanic Market can be a confusing puzzle. Some are Republican. Some Democratic. Latinx. Chicano. Chicanx. Mexican. Boricua. Acculturated. Assimilated. To understand the market, you must start with its history. As a native Tejano, I can help you reach my gente effectively.

Brand Design Service
Logo & Identity

Logo Concept. Color palette. Font Selection. Graphic elements. Business card design. Product package design & more.

Graphic Design & Photo Editing

Postcards. Flyers. Print & digital Ads. Posters, banners & billboards. Brochures. Vehicle wraps. Signage, trade show displays & more.

WordPress & Shopify Web Design

Cost-efficient, SEO-driven template selection. SEO data placement. Social Media connection. Google indexing.

Marketing Collateral

Capture the essence of your brand with strategically-designed assets. Pens. Cups. Shirt design and much more.

Video Design

Art direction. Scripting. Stock photo & music selection. No corporate b-roll? No problem. Digital Ads & more.

SEO Services

There are many factors to rank higher on Google Search Engine. Allow me to review your website and provide you guidance.