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Brand Identity Design Powered by an MBA.

Branding is a very fun process for me. Color schemes. Fonts. Headline Copy. It’s all meant to reflect your corporate voice and engage your audience. I’ve been a student of Branding & Marketing since high school—even being awarded the second biggest scholarship in Texas from Johnson & Wales University’s School of Business in Providence, RI. To add, my branding skills are strengthened by a Professional Certificate in Search Engine Marketing from UC-Berkeley. Every keyword or phrase counts whether for a website, press release or blog post.

My collaborative design process is treated like a rock band trading riffs….like a tennis match volleying back and forth. Timely feedback and clear communication is key for a successful project.

Jason Rivera, MBA

Brand Strategist

Why Choose
Rivera Branding?
Reduce Costly Miscommunication

From start-to-finish, clients communicate directly with me. I don’t outsource my work. The bigger the team (from client or design team), the more opinions. Often, original ideas can dilute their way down to a designer increasing the chance of wasted effort, missed deadlines and added fees.

The Wow Factor

I like to brainstorm as many ideas as possible before presenting my first samples. There are times I work through the night to meet important deadlines. There’s always two responses: 1. “Okay, I really like that, but…” and 2. “WOW, WE LOVE IT!” My work is never complete until I get the “Wow!”

US Hispanic Market Specialist

The US Hispanic Market can be a confusing puzzle. Some are Republican. Some Democratic. Latinx. Chicano. Chicanx. Mexican. Boricua. Acculturated. Assimilated. To understand the market, you must start with its history. As a native Tejano, I can help you reach my gente effectively.



Professional Certificate: Digital marketing, Google & Facebook Ads, website optimization, Google Tools and more.


Johnson & Wales Univ.MBA IN

Valuable knowledge, insight and skill set to work in a global and multicultural environment.


Johnson & Wales Univ.BS IN MARKETING

Experience with consumer behavior, analysis, advertising, market strategy and more.


Johnson & Wales Univ.AS IN

Strategic brand stories begin with copywriting, visual aesthetics, design style, and problem-solving.

The Rivera Shop Dogs

Meet Pippa, Chief Security Officer…and Bobbi Bones, Security Guard at Rivera Branding. A portion of all sales goes directly to their discerning palate. When they aren’t sleeping, they are usually monitoring the grounds. Rest assured. Your project is safe from squirrels at all times.

Pippa,-Shop-Dog,-Rivera-Branding, Oakland, CA
Brand Design Service
Logo & Identity

Logo Concept. Color palette. Font Selection. Graphic elements. Business card design. Product package design & more.

Graphic Design & Photo Editing

Postcards. Flyers. Print & digital Ads. Posters, banners & billboards. Brochures. Vehicle wraps. Signage, trade show displays & more.

WordPress & Shopify Web Design

Cost-efficient, SEO-driven template selection. SEO data placement. Social Media connection. Google indexing.

Marketing Collateral

Capture the essence of your brand with strategically-designed assets. Pens. Cups. Shirt design and much more.

Video Design

Art direction. Scripting. Stock photo & music selection. No corporate b-roll? No problem. Digital Ads & more.

SEO Services

There are many factors to rank higher on Google Search Engine. Allow me to review your website and provide you guidance.