5 Element Tea

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Branding Treatment for Upscale TCM Tea

Dr. Lisa Jeong, granddaughter of a renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, requested new product photography in preparation for a new digital ad campaign. Adding a new website testimonials app was also requested. I quickly found that my strategic SEO copywriting services would help boost her campaign. My goal was to deliver a “refreshing” contemporary lifestyle brand tone. Additional consultation included the advice to sell branded bundled packages.

5 Element Tea is finely crafted based on the Five-Element theory. Each element corresponds to your body’s organs. Wood to Liver. Fire to Heart. Earth to Spleen. Metal to Lungs. And Water to Kidney.

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Jason’s work is professional, creative, and precise. He delivered exactly what we were seeking to create a website we wanted. Jason’s work enhanced our company’s image and took us to another level.
Dr. Lisa Jeong | Owner
Doctor of Acupuncture
& Oriental Medicine